Friday, 25 May 2018

LBC: One Dress in Classic, Sweet and Gothic Styles.

This weeks Lolita Blog Carnival topic is "Take A Dress And Coordinate It To Fit Gothic, Classic, & Sweet"
I chose Metamorphose Swan Border Coat Dress as my base for each of these co-ords.
At first, I considered using a skirt rather than a dress to make it easier to change the overall look, but then I thought I'd rather do the topic properly.

Also, the Classic Co-ord around this piece was already done for me since I wore this exact outfit last winter.

Classic Co-Ord

Cape: Alice and the Pirates
Dress: Metamorphose
Shoes: Milk
Umbrella Offbrand.

I knew straight away that I'd have the most trouble with the Sweet Co-ord, as I never wear that style and dont really own anything in that style. But I was determined to give it my best shot anyway.

This is maybe a slightly more classic or oldschool take on sweet lolita than what we would consider "sweet lolita" now. But it's the best I could do with my gothic wardrobe.

Sweet Co-Ord

Dress: Metamorphose
Headbow: BTSSB
Shoes: AnTaiNa
Umbrella: 7/11

The gothic co-ord I already had partially formed in my mind, as I planned to wear most of this together as an Ouji co-ord in the future.
Ivory and black is a slightly unusual combination but I think I like it.

Gothic Co-Ord

Bonnet: Medusa CoutureDress: MetamorphoseCollar: Innocent WorldBow Belt OffbrandBoots OffbrandBag: SwimmerUmbrella: Metamorphose

Which of these three is your favourite?

Last week's topic was "5 Releases From When Your First Started in Lolita"

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