Thursday, 7 December 2017

Futuristic Lolita Fashion

One day, I'll stop trying to force my White And Holographic clubwear together with lolita fashion, but today is not that day.

jacket: forever 21
blouse: angelic pretty
JSK: metamorphose
boots: YRU

I've posted about LED Accessories before, a long time ago with the Hikaru Skirt.
I still dont have a light-up skirt, but I do now own a light up jacket.

The base outfit is pretty much exactly what I wore for my Tooth Fairy co-ord, minus the medical corset, and plus the furry light up jacket.

Jacket: Aliexpress
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
JSK: Metamorphose

The photos above have lights on around the room.
Here's one in total darkness, apart from the LEDs:

At the start of the year I went through my wardrobe looking for UV Reactive Lolita items, and found a surprising number!

And way back in 2012, I wore shiro lolita under UV lights with my then-new CreepyYeha accessories.

I hope 2018 brings me more fun, futuristic twists on fashion.

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