Sunday, 24 September 2017

Card Suit Twins: Diamonds

Ever since I wore my King and Queen of Hearts outfits in London, I've had the idea rattling around in my head that I might do outfits based on the other card suits as well.

Twin outfits has been a theme I liked ever since I first got into lolita fashion, and particularly matching Lolita and Ouji pairs.

Over the past month, I've done a few sketches of what I wanted them to look like and now have plans for all four sets!

Today, we have the Diamonds:

 Prince of Diamonds.

Outfit Rudown:
Crown: ShinkuRose
Shirt: Primark
Waistcoat: Alice and the Pirates
Shorts: Bodyline
Socks and Shoes Unknown.
Princess of Diamonds

Outfit Rundown:
Crown: Shinkurose
OP: Metamorphose
Socks and Shoes Unknown.

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