Friday, 16 December 2016

Sugarpill "Pretty Poison" Review

I have been excited about these since they were announced way back when. But then they were released as a limited thing, and only for an event.. so now I'm glad they're finally avaliable for the rest of us!
(I was not sponsored to make this, bought everything with my own money and am giving an honest opinion)

As usual, I bought the true red shade. This one is called "Nurse"

I put it on, and wore it for a day to see how it would go!

Immediately upon trying it on it felt dry. I know they're a matte formula, so that's not too surprising, but the way it dragged on my lips wasn't great.

Still. The colour is amazing, and once on I loved it.

Then I went out for lunch. I like to give new lipsticks the "Burger Test". Basically, I eat a burger and see how well the lisptick lasts. 
More often than not, they need re-applied. Which is to be expected. Some superstar lipsticks stay on even after being burger-tested (Illamasqua ones, for example).

This one, not only came off my lips, smeared across my face.
There was a slight red stain left behind, but that stain was on both my lips, and the parts around my mouth where it had smudged. Not good.

Honestly, I'm dissapointed. I'd expect this kind of performance from some of my £1 lipsticks, but this one was $20.
And having said that, not even my £1 MUA red drags or smears as badly as this did.

Overall, not a good first impression of sugarpill. Which is sad, because they get so much hype and everything I've heard about them before has been great.

What do you think? Have you tried this lipstick? Tried other Sugarpill products that you'd reccomend?
Leave me a comment, and elt me know!


  1. You look very good with that color!!. Excellent review :)

  2. How a shame! I was looking to buy some shades from there. What a bummer the lipstick smears like that!


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