Sunday, 18 December 2016

3W Clinic Skincare Review

3W Clinic is a brand I have not heard much about, but good old Roseroseshop has a lot of their products for 70-80% off, so I thought I'd give them a shot.
I bought two skincare products, and two makeup products. The makeup will be reviewed next weekend. Right now, we're focusing on the skincare.

Which might be the most off-putting name of anything I have ever put on my face.

The basic idea behind peeling gel, is that you rub it on your face, and it sticks to all the loose skin cels and dirt, and peels it off.
Here I am, demonstrating how you rub gel on your face:

Just in case you needed that.

I have been using it regularly for roughly a month now, and I have to say, it seems to work!
Whether or not it has long-term skin benefits, I don't know, but the instant results make it worth using imho. As soon as you wash the peeled-up gel off, your skin feels much softer and smoother.

I will keep using it, and I might even re-purchase it once it's gone.

The second skincare item is the "Collagen Whitening Essense"

This stuff promises to condition and soften and generally keep your skin nice.
Most essense type products do. It also claims to 'whiten' your skin, but I will never know if any product can actually do that.

Before this, I used the Etude House Wonder Pore Essense, and honestly this seems to work just as well as that at keeping your skin calm.
It feels nice, doesn't stay gooey on your face or go sticky, and didn't cause any breakouts.

I don't think it's really any better than any other essense I've used, but it certainly didn't cause any problems.


NEXT WEEK I will be reviewing the 3W Clinic Cushion BB creme and Make Up Powder

(I am not affiliated with or sponsored by 3W Clinic or RoseroseShop. I bought these items with my own money and am giving my own opinion on them)

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