Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 in Lolita Fashion and 2017 Predictions.

At the start of this year I made a post trying to predict 2016 Trends in Lolita fashion.

I guessed that "1. OTT will get even more OTT"
Which it didn't, I don't think.
2016 was kind of strange, in that there was no obvious OTT accessory that was most popular. Previously, Madonna crowns were THE big thing, and before that Staffs and Sceptres were everywhere. For a little while I though it might be decorative wings, but that realy didn't take off the same way that other OTT trends did. 
Perhaps I just haven't been paying close enough attention.

(Wings from Taobao brand L-Season)

Second, I guessed that "2. Simple OldSchool will also come back."

Which it kind of did? I feel like there has been a lot more oldshcool lolita outfits appearing on Closet of Frills this year than I've seen in the past few years.

Third, I guessed that "3. Mainstream Shoes" would be more popular than Lolita ones.
And I'm honestly not sure if that happened or not.
I don't think it did. Not really.

FOURTH, I predicted that "4. Guro" would become more popular.

It was entirely wishful thinking at the time, but personally, I found this year was great for Guro Lolita. 

"Menhera" fashion really took more hold in western communities this year, and a lot of that trickled down into Lolita and have us more interest in Guro than I've ever seen before.

On top of that, lots of brands put out explicitly Guro prints this year. (Especially around Halloween).
Taobao brands in particular released a lot of stuff I liked.

(DrJelly, upcoming guro print)

(FoxFeather's Vampire Ville Print)

The indie brand Violet Fane, who I have postyed about before because I own their "asylum" print,
released the "Posession" print.

(Violet Fane's Posession print)

And the japanese brand Royal Princess Alice gave us Dark Night Hopsital.
I've written about Royal Princess Alice before too, as I own their Ghost Marie print.

(Royal Princess Alice, Dark Knight Hospital)
I really feel like Guro and horror themed fashion is getting more attention than it used to, and I hope this continues!
I had plenty of opportunities to wear GuroLolita outfits of my own too.
After starting 2016 with my Guro Wardrobe Post, I decided to focus on my favourite substyle even more than usual.

I even had the opportunity to do a Photoshoot in a Guro lolita outfit, again wearing the Asylum print.

The fifth thing I predicted was 5. Non-Lolita Brands worn with Lolita outfits.
Which, again, I'm not sure if that happened more than usual or not. 
I do feel like non-lolita japanese clothing brands are getting a little more attention than they used to within lolita fashion circles. But not a lot.

 In that post at the start of the year, I also made note that in 2014 I thought that Goth would take over Sweet as the big lolita style. 
And in 2012 I thought that Dandy and Ouji styles would become more popular.

In hindsight, I feel I was right about Goth gaining popularity from 2014 onwards.
My 2012 predictions on Ouji was pure wishful thinking. 

But, I feel like this year I saw a lot more ouji and boystyle outfits than ever before.
It's still not equally as popular as Lolita, but it's definately not the minor sub-style it was in 2012.

Again, it's been mainly Taobao brands that have been making this happen, there have been a LOT of great ouji style pieces released by them.

My predictions for 2017 is that Ouji will become more popular than ever.
At least, I hope it does, since my everyday style is gothic dandy. 

and, Ruffs and frilly neck pieces in general will be the OTT accessory of choice.

What do you think will be 2017's Lolita trend?


  1. Interesting predictions. We will see what will happen. IMO indie brands may get even more attention this year. Brands releases are becoming slightly borring. Lolita is evolving in strange way, since style is less popular in Japan and more in China, EU and US, so maybe there will be more of a ethnic inspirations?

  2. I guess My predications is somewhat similar, but I predicted a make over of gothic, so it was more mature. But I pretty sure what bloodsplatted guro would have a place in a more memento mori oriented style.

    My other predication was more variation in materials and print techniques, something we already have seen, but I think it is going further this year.