Thursday, 17 November 2016

Accio Tokyo Review

"Accio Tokyo" used to be Tokyo Pirates, who I have used before a did a review of at the time. They were good then, so I felt safe enough using them now for this order. 

I pre-ordered the Royal Princess Alice "Dark night Hospital" series hat and tights through Accio Tokyo on August 17th. 
There was no problem at all with the process. It involved filling out a simple order form, then waiting for my invoice for the items. 
The invoice was sent to me the next day, August 18th. 

Then it was just a matter of waiting for the items to be released, at which point they would buy them for me and invoice me for the shipping price. 
Exactly two months later they had my items and invoiced me the shipping fee on October 17th.

I got an email telling me my order had been shipped on October 19th, complete with tracking number. 

And on November 11th, it arrived to me! 

My items were packaged along with a piece of cardboard to prevent them getting crumpled in the mail. 

There were absolutely no problems at all with my order, the whole process was very smooth. 

I will almost certainly be using their service again some time.

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  1. Accio stopped taking orders in May. Do you know of other shopping services that offer in store shopping service?