Friday, 15 July 2016

"Killing Me Zombie" Lip Tint Review

 Previously, I reviewed Welcos "Killing Me Zombie" BB cream, and really liked it. So, now I am reviewing the lip tints that are also part of the line.

I got the "Crazy Gloss Lip Tint Set" which comes with two pieces. 
The "Crazy Watery Lip Tint" and the "Crazy Gloss Lip Tint".

The small, "watery" lip tint was a good example of a standard lip tint. It stained, it stayed. The only real down side to it is how tiny the bottle is.

The "Gloss" lip tint is a little unusual. It's thicker than most lip glosses, but not a lip stick. It feels like gel, but isn't at all sticky. Honestly, it feels like butter. A bit weird at first, but actually it's very moisturizing and does stay on very well. 

overall, i really like both products.

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