Friday, 5 February 2016

LBC: The Substyle You Wear Least

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival topic is "choose a substyle you wear least often, and create a new co-ord"

My mind immediately went to Classic. Although it's not really a SUB style, it is a style of lolita that I rarely wear.
Not because I don't like it it, I love classic lolita. It's just that everything I do ends up more Goth. So I felt like trying to make a true Classic Lolita co-ordinate.

I went with the Innocent World Charles Crown OP, and metamorphose socks.
Offrband green heels, and a hand decorated white straw hat.

I like this outfit, although I feel that if I were to wear it myself I'd add some more gothic-leaning accessories.

While laying out this outfit, I realised that Ero Lolita is a sub style that is rarely represented anymore.
Ero has always been kind of a controversial topic among Lolitas. After all, does it really count as a Lolita fashion outfit if you're not even wearing a skirt?! And the topic of modesty, and being deliberately un-sexualised as a feminist statement is always a valid criticism of Ero Lolita.

Still... it's a stub style I quite like, and almost never wear.

This outfit features the same DIY Hat as the classic outfit, Queen Bee boots, Abetelige stockings, Moitie Cutsew and F+F bloomers.

I'm not sure I'd wear it as a Lolita outfit, but certainly as a Goth look!

What is your favourite underrepresented sub-style?
Do you love or hate Ero Lolita? 

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