Sunday, 7 February 2016

DIY "Vampire Bite" Scarf

Have you ever wanted to look like you were just bitten by a vampire? And are maybe still bleeding from the neck? Wanted to achieve this look, while still staying cosy in winter?

I have just the scarf for you!

You will need:

Fabric Dye (I used Dylon hand-dye)

100% Cotton Scarf  (this dye requires cotton fabric, synthetics will not dye!)

500ml Warm Water

250g Salt

Rubber Gloves.

A bucket.

Following the instructions for this type of dye;

First, you dissolve the salt into the water.
Pour the water into the dye tub.
Add the dye to the salt water.
Mix it in till it's all dissolved.

Now, wet the fabic in clean water, and wring it out. So it'd damp, but not dripping everywhere.

Fold  it in half, and dip the folded end in the dye, with the loose ends out of the dye.
The middle of the scarf is the part that goes on your neck, so that's where you want the dye to be, mainly.
You can splash a little of the dye further up the scarf if you like, to give it as gory a look as you like.

The instructions say to leave it for 45 minutes, but I left it for 2 hours.

After that time, rinse out the dye, wash the scarf and hang it up to dry.

Once it's dry, it's ready to wear!

Video Tutorial:

If you do this yourself, feel free to tag me in your pictures, or send them to me. I'd love to see your results!

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  1. Wow! This idea is awesome and very handy for these winter days :D Thanks a lot!