Friday, 15 January 2016

LBC: 5 trends for 2016

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival topic is "Predict 5 trends in lolita for 2016"

For 2016,

1. OTT will get even more OTT

OTT was always a sweet lolita thing, until recently when OTT Goth and OTT Classic started becoming popular for major events and conventions. I think this is only going to get bigger! And even more niche styles will pick up on it., and even whole OTT outfits on one single motif nevermind one specific style. Wings, Staffs, Huge hats, decorated glasses with themed chains, many many layered skirts that can be seen from out the bottom of the each other. Skirts worn over dresses, worn over underskirts and so on.

2. Simple OldSchool will also come back.

As an equal and opposite to the utter madness of extreme OTT, I think very simple, solid colored, barely accessorized old school outfits will also be a trend.
All pink and white outfits, with no print and black platforms, with a white rectangle headdress.

These two styles might be seen as "rivalling" each other, the way Goth Vs Sweet is sometimes joked about as a rivalry.

3. Mainstream Shoes

The days of specially made tea parties with bows front and back are fading out. These will still be popular, but probably seen as an old-school thing.
Mainstream fashion heels, flats, loafers and brouges will replace the specifically Lolita Shoe.

4. Guro

This is one may seem like purely wishful thinking on my part, but, with the recent Gurokawa and menhera fashions, and even Triple Fortune bringing out an explicitly Guro Lolita print last year.
I really think Guro might be in for a little bit of a boost!

5. Non-Lolita Brands worn with Lolita outfits.

More non-lolita Japanese fashion brands will become popular among lolitas, and items from these brands will appear more and more in lolita fashion outfits.

What do you think? Whats the big trend for 2016?!

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  1. I love your predictions, especially the decorated chains for glasses! I could definitely see that. Also, yes, guro needs more love. <3

  2. I think Old School is definitely in for a revival. I know that's probably a bit biased coming from me as black-and-white Old School is one of the things that first drew me to Lolita in the first place, and is one of my favourite styles of Lolita (alongside Gothic), but I have noticed and increase in Old School outfits on Closet of Frills, and not just the black-and-white ones, plus the price of old school stuff seems to have risen a bit in the various secondhand markets - or maybe I'm just poorer :P - but it does seem that when I've been looking for solid colour blouses in styles that I would have thought a bit too plain, and not the sorts of brands I'd expect to always be really expensive have been getting a bit dearer... but maybe that's just because it's January and people are trying to recoup the expenses of the festive period.

    I think brogues, Oxfords, etc. have definitely become more popular, as have alternative/unusual shoes from outside of Lolita (Poetic License, Fluevogs, American Duchess, etc.) and I think this is partly because OTT and Classic have been really popular, and the chunky-with-bows styles don't always work with those two styles, whereas something ornate and a bit historically styled can work a bit better. I think this is spreading to other branches of Lolita, and will see a increase in 2016

    Actually, I think we may have hit peak OTT in 2015 - if OTT gets any more OTT it will stop looking Lolita, and start looking like a costume. Don't get me wrong; I'm the last person to complain about extravagance - it's just that the crowns, wings and sceptres already have a tendency towards looking more like theatre costume than fashion if not done well, and add too much else to that and it will definitely look more like it's meant for the stage. Layering skirts up went through a micro-trend before, and I think it couldn't catch on properly because we're wearing a lot of layers already and yet another skirt or 3 is going to really tax most pettis and be really stuffy.