Thursday, 14 January 2016

Clothing Detail Pictures (Wardrobe Post Teaser!)

 For the western Lolita community, January is Wardrobe Post time!
It's been a tradition, started on EGL on Livejournal a long time ago, to post pictures of your entire lolita clothing collection in january. Then, by the next year, hopefully you can look back and see how much has changed.

I've been taking photos in small bursts this month, and almost have everything ready. The full wardrobe post should go up next week.
Until then, here are some detail shots of some of my clothing items.

(A Vintage blouse)

(Angelic Pretty's "Candy Treat")

(Bunny and Black's "Nurse"/Guro Print)

(Offbrand Eyeball in a Rose hair clip)

(Dangerous Nude, Medusa's Head skirt)

(Metamorphose Winged Cross and Angelic Pretty's "Holy Lantern")

(Metamorphose's "Wonder Silhouette")

(Angelic Pretty's "Wonder Queen")

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