Monday, 7 December 2015

Magical Medical Monday Morning Manga

The "draw it again" challenge involves taking old artworks, and re-drawing them. To really get a feel for how much you've improved since you drew the original.
This challenge appeals to me because I spend a lot of time going over my works. My paintings are never truly finished, because every time I look at them there's something new I want to add.
It's a bad habit. This felt like a more productive version of it, due to the fact that you end up with a whole new piece of work instead of just reworking the same one.
I chose a drawing from only a year ago. Even though I felt like there wouldn't be much difference, I surprised myself!

You can really see the result of drawing hundreds of ballet reference poses....

I intend to do this challenge again, with an older piece. Maybe something -really- old, like a childhood drawing, just for the comparison.

Finished Piece:

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