Thursday, 17 December 2015

Goth Makeup (Xmas Shopping Ideas)

 Christmas Shopping for a goth friend? Or just need some makeup for your own spooky self?
ILLAMASQUA - my personal favourite.
                           They are Cruelty-Free and their standard black eyeliner is called "Sophie",
                    with a cut of the proceeds from that product going to find the Sophie Foundation!

"Black Moon Cosmetics" is a fairly new brand, still small with only a few lip products.
But what they have is lovely, and they show a lot of promise for the future!
They are both vegan and not tested on animals.

LunatiCK Labs, is another cruelt-free goth makeup brand.
With a range of eye, lip and face products in both bright and neutral colours.

"Can We Talk", blue lipstick by MikiSongCosmetics
(£4.40 on Etsy)

"Funeral Party" eyeshadow by CRUSHCOSMETICS
(£5.93 on Etsy)

Absinthe flavour lip balm from MoonCraftEmporium
(£.39 on ETSY)

"Vamp" lipstick from NaturesPurityBath
£3.52 on Etsy

"Sanguine" red shimmer pigment from FabledFragrances
£1.32 on Etsy

"Barthory" red lipgloss from SpectrumCosmetic
£5.42 on Etsy

Drac Makens lipstick set from TaterRoundsBeauty
13.52 on Etsy

Thats all for this year!
I hope you found something you like, on this, or any of my previous shopping lists.

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