Saturday, 5 September 2015

Rainbow Hair Dying Tutorial

Today, I dyed my hair rainbow! It's been 8 years since I last had rainbow hair, but it is my favourite, just for how fun it is to style, and how it changes as it fades.

Since taking lots of photos has become a habit, I decided to put them to use and make this quick tutorial. Just in case you need to dye your hair rainbow!

Step 1: Lighten Your Hair
Unless you already have light blonde hair, you will need to lighten it. Repeated bleaching can really damage your hair, fast but it will probably be necessary to do at least one bleaching.
My natural hair is very dark brown, and would need bleached twice to reach blonde.

But I was starting with blue, so a low-strength bleaching to get the blue dye out was all it took.

After bleaching and before dying your hair, you need to wash it with shampoo and NO conditioner.
Then dry it completely. It will probably feel dry and nasty, but it really helps the dye stay.

Step 2: The Supplies

You need the dyes you want to use,
a separate container for each colour (I useed glass dishes, since dye will not stain glass),
Brushes for each colour.
Lots of bobby pins.

I mixed each colour, half and half coloured dye to white toner.
For purple, I mixed one part pink, one part blue, and one part white toner.

Step 3: Divide and Dye!

Starting from the top of your head, grab a section, brush the dye onto it, make sure to cover the whole section, twist it around into a curl and pin it!
Grab another section, and do the same thing with the next colour.
You can do this at random, or plan a pattern. I specifically wanted blue in front, and green over my ears.

Step 4: Wrap your head in plastic, and leave it to develop.

Cling film, a plastic bag, or a shower cap will help your dye develop because it traps the heat from your head inside.

(sorry, no pictures of my with my head wrapped in cling film).

Leave it for as long as you can stand it!
The thing with bright colour dyes, is they aren't damaging like bleach, so the longer you leave it on the stronger the colour stains your hair. The minimum time for a decent result would be about 30 minutes.
Personally, I kept it on for two hours.

Step 5: Wash it out.
Hop in the shower, rinse out the dye!

Learn From My Mistakes:

Wear gloves....
Latex gloves are cheap and come in bulk packets, and they prevent this happening!

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