Thursday, 14 May 2015

New coat and shoes + Co-ords

After looking for green Lolita shoes for years, and a few times nearly custom-ordering green shoes from taobao... Metamorphose came to the rescue and released these metallic green flat lolita shoes.
Their ivory brocade tail coat had already caught my eye, so while I could, I ordered both!

I am a size L in metamorphose shoes. They are true to size at 24.5cm.

Now that there are green shoes in my wardrobe, some co-ords featuring green seemed like a good idea. It's not a common main colour in lolita, but appears often as an accent.

Shoes: Meta
Hairbow: Paris Kids

OP: Infanta
Coat and Shoes: Meta
Headband: Mary Magdalene
Gloves: Sock Dreams

Dress: Vintage
Blouse: F+F
Shoes: Meta
Headbow: AP
Necklace: LowDownandDandy

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