Thursday, 5 March 2015

Sailor Moon Gatcha-Can Wands

Sailor Moon's 20th Anniversary has flooded fans with new collectible items.
One of my favourite collectibles is replica magical girl wands, and the new series has made so many avaliable! Here, I will review the gatcha-can toy wands.

Gatcha-cans are like gatchapon, in that you buy them blindly and the contents are random.
Usually this would mean that you buy them one a time, from a designated machine, and collecting them all would take time and duplicates.
I pre-ordered the full set.

They arrived all together just as I hoped!

Each "can" is pink plastic, and opens along the side. Inside is the wand, in various parts, wrapped in pink plastic so as to keep it secret which one is inside!

 The parts clip together easily, and form perfect toy versions of the wands!

(This set included the Heart Spiral Wand, Kaleidoscope Wand, Venus and Jupiters Star Wands)

Here they are together with my Cutie Moon Rod and Mercury and Mars Star Wands;

(Mercury and Mars wands I bought second hand from Mandarake)

Thank You for reading! 

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