Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Valentines Meetup Photos

A week late.

Last saturday, ScotLoli got together for out Valentines meetup. I had planned several outfits to go with the "Opposites Attract" theme, and wore none of them.
Plasticskittles and I planned instead to wear outfits based on a Mermaid and Pirate. Both of us would be in cream/ivory.

The meet itself was a lot of fun. We went to a usual haunt of ours, The Willow Tea Rooms.
Each of our places had a cute party bag, filled with sweets!
And the tables were decorated with hearts.

After lunch, we had a suitably romantic-themed quiz.
I didn't expect to do particularly well, but between us our team won!

"Pirate and The Alices" each one a box of chocolates for our quiz answers.
Thank you Alices, for knowing so much more than me!
And Thanks to the organizers, for putting together such a fun meet.

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