Monday, 28 April 2014

Tokyo Pirates Shopping Service Review

Earlier this year when the "Disney Girls Project"/LaForet collaboration was announced, I was completely in love with it! Especailly the Alice and the Pirates/ Snow White items. Being my favourite brand, and favourite Disney princess!

So I had to find a shopping service to help me pre-order. I'd heard good things about Tokyo Pirates, but had never used them before. However, they turned out to be a very good choice!

I first contacted them in January for a quote, and the replied same-day. We discussed the exact items, and they said they'd get back to me when the series was released in February.
On Feb 21st they emailed me to notify me about the updated release date to the 28th.
The next day, Feb 22nd they emailed me to confirm they'd got a successful reservation for me.
On the 24th they emailed to let me know the accessories to match the dress had been released, and did I want to add any to my order! I thought that was really sweet of them, and also a stroke of business genius haahha.
On the 26th I asked them if I could add some items from Dangerous Nude to my order. They stipulated it'd have to be officially a separate order, but they'd just deal with both and send them out together. So that suited me fine.

March 1st - They asked if I wanted to pay early for the Dangerous Nude items and have them shipped separately. So I did.
March 4th - They emailed to say that the disney collab accessories were ordered.
March 9th - Notification that they had received my Dangerous Nude items!
March 18th - Notification of a delay in shipping for the Disney items.

April 6th - Since it'd been a while since I heard anything, and I'd already requested the Dangerous Nude items early, I emailed them to ask where the order stood.
April 7th - They reply saying everything had arrived with them and it was ready to go!
April 9th - They notified me that my items were shipped!

April 21st - The parcel arrived safely with me. Everything is here.

                               Overall, they were really helpful and the order was a success.
They were really good about adding the extra items to my order, and I liked that they asked me about the matching accessories. Apart from the slight delay towards the end, nothing went wrong!

                                    I will almost certainly be using Tokyo Pirates again.

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