Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year's Resolutions and Predicions!

The last two Lolita Blog Carnival topics were "Lolita New Years Resolutions" and "Predictions for Lolita fashion in the new year". And I missed both! Sorry. So I'll catch up now;

"Lolita New Years Resolutions"

1. Buy more black blouses.
Unbelievably, I only own ONE black blouse. This is a huge hole in my wardrobe.

2. Wear more accessories.
I buy accessories and jewelery, I even make them myself. But so rarely wear most of them!

"Lolita fashion predictions!

1. The rise of GOTH
In the long long ago of lolita, it was an offshoot of goth fashion, and black and white were key colours. Sweet lolitas wore the same simple outfits as goths, but in pink and white. Sweet lolita became the most popular style for a long time, with every new lolita being initially into classic, but discovering sweet as their favorite. But in recent times it seems everyone is selling their sweet wardrobes, or they find sweet lolita first, then move on to classic and/or gothic.
In the last year, the lean towards gothic motifs and looks has started to rise.
I think 2014 will see a huge surge towards gothic lolita.

2. Wigs will go out of fashion almost completely.
Again, in the long distant past, wigs were not worn with lolita. They were just "way too cosplay.too much like a costume" for lolita fashion. In fact, when the question 'is it okay to wear a wig with lolita' was posed to the egl community, the answer was usually "only if it doesn't look like a wig".
Then when sweet was the BIG THING, pastel wigs came in to fashion and unsure new starts would ask if it was okay -not- to wear a wig with lolita! Well; I think 2014 will see a complete revert back to no wigs with lolita.

3. Tights will be more common than socks.
I remember a time, again, in the distant past of lolita, when girls would ask the comm if it was okay to wear tights with lolita. Because it just wasn't seen much, and brands only did socks to match their dresses. Usually the answer would be something like "if you live in a cold climate, you can get away with it!", or "if they're flesh-toned tights, and you wear socks on top, it's okay". Brand tights are a very new thing. But they're super cute, and really popular, so I think 2014 will involve a lot of new girls wondering if you -have- to wear matching printed tights, and if it's okay to wear socks with their lolita!

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