Sunday, 1 April 2012

Arrival in Tokyo

My long anticipated return to Tokyo has finally arrived! Only for a visit though, but we still have plenty of time to soak it in an enjoy being here.
Traveling is nearly always very stressful, and coming from Glasgow to Tokyo was an immense journey. After hardly sleeping the night before, we took a short flight to Schipol, then had to transfer over to our 11 hour flight to Tokyo. This involved two sets of Security. Eek.
Upon arriving in Tokyo, I was informed that KLM had left my suitcase in Amsterdam, and it wouldn't arrive for at least 24 hours. It would have been extremely irritating if I hadn't been completely burnt out already.
It was another long while of navigating trains, through the notorious main tokyo station, and then a local train , to finally walk the last distance to our hotel. There was a mistake in the booking, but the staff managed to sort it out with no trouble which was a blessing.
We went out after ditching out things, to Family Mart to load up on snack food. I missed combini's SO much. I sincerely with the rest of the world had these types of conbini. We ate while watching some extremely eclectic panel shows and magical girl anime on the hotel TV.

Today, our first real day, has almost been worth the travel in itself! We decided to take it "easy" and only go places within walking distance. However, we're within a stones throw of Akihabara and it is Saturday! So we went to take in Electric Town and nerd-out over figurines and manga. The Big News series right now are deffinately Madoka Magica and Dragon Quest (because it's on it's 25th Anniversary?)
Shopping is exausting, so we took a break at DonK's @Home maid cafe. It's layout has been changed since I was last there, there seems to be more seating than there was before. Our maid was Sakurako-san, who was, of course, adoreable. So we had our pictures taken with her. She was so swet, and pesonalized our souvineirs for us by drawing Scottish flags on them!
Sakurako-san drew scottish flags on out athome cafe gifts! on Twitpic
The package includes candy, a sticker and chopsticks.

Due to jet-lag, we'd been up since 4am, and went back to the hotel for a nap before dinner. After dark, we went to Yodobashi's restraunt plaza for sushi. I'm ashamed to say, I'd almost forgotten just how good real sushi is, and how inexpensive.
After dinner, I spent a silly amount of time wandering the toys and games floor, looking at the gachapon machines, I have a terrible weakness for gatchapon. A series that seems to be advertised everywhere right now is "Maison de Ayakashi" (I hope I have that right?). I don't know it, but it's very aesthetically pleasing to me, so I got a gatcapon locket from it.

It's been an action packed two days. Here's hoping the next two weeks are just as much fun as today :)

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  1. Been awhile since we last chatted. It looks like you're having fun. Still learning Japanese myself and hope to visit there one day.


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