Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Pastel Goth

("the pastel goth" by Oblyvian at http://oblyvian.tumblr.com)

"Pastel Goth" or "Creepy Cute" is a relatively new gothic substyle rising in polularity at an incredible rate. The basics of this style involve typical gothic elements (dark eyeliner, dyed hair, studded collars, ripped fishnet tights), clashing with cute childish elements (cartoon t-shirts and pink glittery hair accessories). The point is to juxtapose the harsh, dark elements, with the cute soft elements to create a kind of visual paradox of innocence and corruption all at once.

Think baby pink hair with black lipstick and/or those popular eyeball or bone shaped hairclips from Kreepsville. (http://www.kreepsville666.com/)



  1. Personally, I'm loving this Creepy-Cute style! The fact that it stills leans heavily on pastels? ...not so much! Mint Green is the only pastel I really like!
    That little batty-bat necklace is so adorable too! Ah, now I wish it was near Halloween so I could go out looking for little bats to make into necklaces! Why can't bats be normal cute animals, like kittens and bunnies? They are much cuter than dogs, no?

  2. I love creepy cute. I LOVE IT.