Monday, 6 February 2012

Cult Party Kei

As much as gothic lolita will always be my 'main style', lately I've found msyelf drawn to the latest incarnations of vintage-fantasy styled fashions. These include Natural Kei, Dolly Kei and Cult Party Kei.

Cult Party Kei appealed to me because of it's airy, floaty, ghostly appearance. It overlaps very nicely with Shiro-Gothic style, which is far too seldom seen in my opinion! I love being bundled up in oodles of lace and ruffles, and I never could resist a vintage nightgown. For these reasons, Cult Party Kei hit the nail right on the head for me. It overlaps a lot with Dolly Kei, which is about european vintage styles the way Mori Girl is about looking like a fairytale girl who lives in the woodlands. The lolita style I most enoyed cultivating was always the appearance of a little girl from long ago, possibly escaped from an austere school or house at night. It's the whimsical feeling of being young and lost. It is sad, but full of hope.
... But now I'm rambling. In any case, that is the feeling Gothic Lolita brings to me, and it is shown jsut as well in Cult Party Kei.

The style itself is fairly recent, much moreso that Dolly, Natural or Mori Girl. And much much moreso that Lolita of course. It is named after the vintage clothing shop the look originated in "Cult Party" in Koenji district of Tokyo. However, the main hub as it were for this style is now "The Virgin Mary" clothing store, when Cult Party moved there.
(there is a great online guide to this shop here;

You can find lots of lovely examples of this fashion on

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