Sunday, 21 August 2011

Making a tricorn hat

I made the hat I was wearing in the previous post myself, and took some pictures during the process. This is in no way supposed to be a proper tutorial, just a small process post.

I based my process on this tutorial for "how to turn a straw hat into a bonnet":

And just changed the shape from bonnet, to tricorn. Before covering it in the fabric and decorating.
First, I covered the main part of the hat in fabris and sewed the top edge to keep the peices together. Its basically a circle and a long strip attached around the edges.


Another long strip around the brim;


Pin it all down to make sure it covers properly then unpin a little bit at a time and glue down the unpinned parts as you go.
then turn the top-part material inside out so the edge is on the inside, and glue that down too.



The wole process took a while, but it wasn't at all difficult :)


  1. That's lovely. I want to try it!

    I've seen that bonnet tutorial before and would never have figured it could be made into a tri-corn tutorial. Wow!


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