Friday, 11 March 2011

Irrational Want: Eye Patches has started stocking items from the brand Spica. Its not one I'm familiar with, but curiosity get me having alook throuhg their items. They have a range of verious eye-patch accessories;

This one is my particular favourite.
I find myself really liking the eyepatch as an acessory, despite how blatently inpractical, and kind rediculous it would be to wear one. As a staple of Guro Lolita, they have a certain charm, but eyepatches pop up in all kinds of outfits.

this Sweet/Guro lolita art is from

An example of Guro lolita, including eyepatch, on a Ball Jointed Doll by "Kasitofur", found on

Here, is an example of guro/medical aesthetics in modern fashion,
and of course
Retro Fashion. The EyePatch, as worn by David bowie as Ziggy Stardust!

Eyepatches appear quite commonly as details on anime and manga charachters too, one of the most popular and well known being Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji:Classic, Kodona + Eyepatch?

This might be the least practical accessory i have ever found myself wanting. But don't you think theres something kind of interesting about them?

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  1. Eyepatches are LOVE! <3 ... Sure I've only used them for cosplay so far (I've got a tendency to cosplay people with eyepatches so I'm getting pretty used to them O.o), but I've wanted an eyepatch I can use with lolita and kodona for long so I'll definatly go check out cosmates now =D


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