Tuesday, 4 January 2011

2011 Resolutions

So, it's 2011. A whole new year, a new start.
And a new blog layout. It will change, often, because I like to mix it up a little. Hopefully soon I'll make a banner that looks nice too although I'm not sure what sort of thing to go for.

My new years resolutions this year will be much the same as most year's;

- Take More Pictures.
I haven't been too bad with this one in 2010, but there were a lot of outfits that went unblogged due to lazyness.

-Buy less Coats.
This one is off to a bad start as I won an ebay auction for a new coat yesterday. There are 17 coats in my wardrobe. 17! Nobody needs that many coats! Everyone has their weaknesses I suppose, for some it's shoes or handbags or makeup. Mine is coats.
However, the coat I did just buy is an antique hunting tailcoat. So, excpect many photos of that!

- Update regularly.
I probably wont ever impose an 'update scedule' on my blog, as I find that pointlessly stressful and wouldn't enjoy blogging as a hobby if I started putting pressure on myself. But I'd like to try and make my posts a bit less sporadic, as there were huge gaps and then floods of posts all at once last year.

- Post more art.
My main hobby is drawing and painting, and lolita influences quite often spill over into my art. So I might start posting my things here.

- Kodona
A new resolution for 2011. Do kodona properly. I've always worn a 'casual' version of the style whenever I didn't want to wear lolita, or it wasn't appropriate to. But it's grown on me a lot, and I'd like to start building up a proper Kodona wardrobe and look.

- Eat more cake and drink more tea?
probably not physically possible!

Happy New Year everyone, I hope 2011 brings good things for us all!

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