Monday, 10 August 2009

More antics

This week I've spent a lot of time hanging out in Kuji with Dana, and I met Liz and Yasu. There was a surprise birthday party for Li, and a small festival going on! We attempted the dance at the festival, but it was very difficult. Still, it'll make good practice for next week when Kunohe's summer festival will be!
I even went to a Kimono club to learn how to put on a yukata. Not that I have a yukata, but it's still a lot of fun to do, and a good thing to know! Also, they are surprisingly comfortale and flattering, I felt so pretty! I'll be sure to get photos of the matsuri next week.

I've been pretty rubbish about taking photos this week, but I still have some random pictures of interesting things from the last little while that I haven't put up, so here they are!

First, just over a week ago now, I got a mystery parcel!

"What a strange shape for a parcel" thought I. I wonder what Will would be sending me in Japan?


OMFG YAY. Again, major thanks for these!! They're perfect with grape fanta.. shame you can't get both in one country.

The original plan was to pace, and eat them slowly, make them last. But in the end I went with fully enjoying them all in a short space of happy days.

During this week, on one of my short jaunts around Kunohe's semi-wilderness I happened across this tiny little shop that was actually just someone's front room converted into a shop. (I have since seen a lot of these in Kunohe actually). I had a good look around for interesting things and of course, was not dissapointed. I saw a box with the One Peice logo on it and had to look inside..

One peice 10th anniversary melon soda!! From a box in the back of a small shop in kunohe... how random! And it was gooood. So good in fact, I went back for more. But there wasn't any.. instead there was this;

One peice 10th anniverarry Iced Coffee! With a really distracting skeleton playing a fiddle on it.
(I don't know the characters name, sorry! I don't watch One peice.. these were for the kicks of many friends who do :))

Today, I'm udating the site a little bit. A link to Dana's blog will be added under the "wonderful people" secion on the right there, and I wand to add some info to my About Me section at the top on the right.
Also, I'm gonna go through the previous posts and add some pictures I just got off my keitai :) So if you're interested, look back! If not... I totally undertand :p

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  1. The skelleton is called Brook.

    It was pretty awesome of Will to send you creme eggs :D