Sunday, 16 August 2009

Coming of Age Ceremony.

In japan, turning 20 is a big step, and you are officially considered an adult. Every year there is a ceremony for all the people who turned 20 in the last year.
In Kunohe, this ceremony was yesterday morning and grahame and I were enlisted to help out by signing in people as they arrived. The ceremony started at 9, and we opened the reception desk at 7.30am. And it was busy.
Kids of families have all come home for Obon, so there were many new 20 year olds at the ceremony!
Guys mostly wore suits, there was one guy who was wearing traditional japanese mens clothes. I hope he didn't feel too out of place, he looked fantastic!
Most of the girls wore Kimono, there were one or two in prom dresses though. The Kimono were amazing, I have honestly never seen clothing so amazingly beautiful before. And I know they come with an appropriate price to match all the work and effort that goes into them.

Old friends chatting before the ceremony begins.

All the girls had their hair curled and in comlicated styles with the appropriate accessories in it to go with the Kimono.

3 girls, the guy in traditional clothes and a guy in a suit make a speech.
I listened really carefully, but I couldn't catch most of it.

Beautiful Kimono!

Kimono are usually made to order, and hand painted.

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