Thursday, 23 July 2009

Mind your heads folks!

Last weekend there was a family visiting Kunohe. Their son had stayed here on an exchange trip, and someone from the village had stayed with them before too.
Being both in kunohe and from scotland, I was to accompany them when Sakanoue-san took them to some sights and such! Yatta. A day trip is always fun, and both families were really nice (from scotland and kunohe), I made some new friends.

We started off at Kuji Amber museum, which was a surprise stop since sakanoue-san's information-imparting skill is patchy at best and we'd all been told different plans for the day. (I was told something about a cave).
Either way, I learned a lot about amber... and saw some that was still growing and was 85billion years old or some such. also amber is just.. magic or something, it can hold static electricity and floats in salt water. Did you know that? Well now you do! :p
Oh, it's also expensive.
The insects inside amber look exactly like modern insects. Does this mean that they haven't evolved? That surprises me. I stood on a beatle by accident today.. it went CRUNCH.. I was a little bit sad, it wasn't bothering me :(

Anyway, the next stop on our Magical Mystery Tour was a shrine in hachinohe, famous for seagulls. Yeah.. seagulls.

(you can see Sakanoue's head in the corner there.. with his jazzy orange glasses)
So, you can see the gulls on top of the gate right? we could hear them, see them, smell them.. it was a little scary.

"You're on my turf now....."

The shrine was much like any shrine.. except covered in seagulls.

They're like white and grey, feathery mafia.

The shrine had looked to pretty and inviting from the beach;

Up close it was Umineko gangland. I'm glad I braved it. But I'm even more glad I came away safely.
Along the harbour and the walls around the beach there was seaweed drying.

Looks tasty?

No, I suppose not. But we were hungry, and it was a hot day, so we went for sushi! This became my first trip to Kappa Sushi. A place I fully intend to go to more often! It's a sushi-go-round restraunt, with all the usual favourites and some specials you can order using the touch-screen at the table (Special orders come on a special conveyor belt straight to your table!). And each plate is 105 yen. All of 'em, except a few specified specials that are 145 yen or so.
I wolfed down 6 plates of sushi, for 630 yen. GOOD TIMES.

After dinner we were back on the road to Kunohe for a small party for the family that were staying, a lot of people I knew were there and some new people who were very nice.
We finished the evening with a trip up Mount Orihitsumedake to see the fireflies. I cannot express in words how amazing that was, and I couldn't get a photo either because fireflies flickering in the dark would take a lot more effort than I had time for to photograph.
We walked through the forest holding a rope (since you can't use torches), and the fireflies were all around, pretty much as if someone had put up hundrereds of tiny christmas lights. Only they moved, and you could catch them and see them fly.

During the week I painted the scene, maybe I'll take a photo of that.

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