Monday, 27 July 2009


This weekend was something special. A freind of one of the local ALTs is learning english, and wanted to have a gaijin party to practice.. and invited them to their cabin house in hachimantai. They sent out the invitation and six of us went along to hachimantai, already giddy from the generosity of Dr Aoki and his wif, that they would invite us for the weekend. The "cabin" was enormous. And gorgeous. And they had provided so much food, more than eight of us could have hoped to eat. We BBQed meat and scallops and there was two huge platters of fresh fruit. This cabin had a massive plasma TV.
Everyone agreed that it was too much! But the best way to show thanks really would be to enjoy ourselves, so we did, and we taught sensei some jokes in english, and he taught us some jokes in japanese. And it wassuch a good night.

On sunday, we were back in Ninohe in time for the japanese language class, so dana and I accompanied jar and PJ to that. I'd like to continue going to that class, it seems like a good class!

After class we were seriously hungry, and Dana mentioned a kappa sushi place in Kuji. Now, she'd be needing diven home to kuji anwyay.. so we went to kappa for dinner! Yatta.... I love kappa sushi. I ate 9 plates.

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  1. I'm enjoying reading the blog having noticed the link from LJ and having a look at these pictures. I thought I'd post on the latest entry rather than all the others as I've caught up.

    I don't think the seagulls are part of a gang, not unless they suddenly start wearing mini tuxes and carrying mini-axes..

    The shrine in the mountain wall looks superb, as does the general envirornment in your area. Hope you've settled in well and good luck for the duration!

    And keep posting, others are reading the blog as well but not always posting :)