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  1. Hey velveteena! Im fluffypinkneko or neko-chan. I came across scotloli and your youtube channel and was watching the meetups. It looks like so much fun, I dont know anybody else who is a lolita and I have no lolita friends, is there any way that I could join scotloli ? I live in Scotland, Glasgow and I would be over the marshmallow puff if I got to be friends or even meetup with another loli, anyways, thanks for taking some time out of your day to read this. Bye~

    P.S - if you were to contact me, im on skype most of the time, my name is kerianna.cotton , feel free to add me or just message me. Thanks~

    1. Hi there! We mostly operate on facebook, through the "scottish lolitas" group;

      hope to see you at a meetup soon! :D


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