Friday, 22 June 2018

LBC: Create a nautical Co-ord

This week's "Lolita Blog Carnival" theme is to "Create a Nautical Co-ordinate"

Summer is often associated with sailor themed outfits.
Metamorphose in particular have a reputation for releasing sailor peices ever summer.

A key feature of this style is the simple, solid blocks of colour.
Usually black or navy blue with white.
I wanted to do something more old-school. Inpsired by meta's sailor collections of the past.

(metamorphose sailor jumpsuit 2006)

(metamorphose sailor top and skirt 2006)

My two examples are based on the King and Queen of Spades outfits I did recently.

Outfit Rundown:
Cutsew - Maximam
Skirt - Victorian Maiden
Salopette - Innocent World.

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  1. That cutsew is amazing. And the ouji version is so good, looks like actual beach wear from a Victorian young man's wardrobe! <3

    1. thank you! That kind of thing is my dream swimsuit tbh.

  2. Honestly, Lou, I love these! You always make really well put together looks.