Friday, 29 June 2018

Trans Pride Lolita and Ouji

Happy Pride Month!

I'm no stranger to doing matching Lolita and Ouji looks based on a theme.
Twin looks is my absolute favourite thing in fashion, and it felt appropruiate now more than ever.

Outfit Rundown:

Headbow: BTSSB
Shirt: Vintage
JSK: metamorphose
Waistcoat: Taobao
Bloomers: Angelic Pretty
Lolita Shoes:  Metamorphose
Ouji Shoes: Topshop

originally, I wanted to do the Bisexual Pride flag, but I dont own any purple clothing.

This one was still a struggle, since I only own one pink shirt. And the blue wigs.
The tights have angels printed on them, but also blue clouds which is why they fit the theme.

The oil painting in the background is also my own work.
You can find painting videos on my youtube channel, I also have an art Instagram account.

And now there is also a facebook page! 


  1. Very clever! I wouldn't have guessed that theme, but now that you explained it, I see it. And they're both amazing looks, though I probably like the ouji one a tiny bit more (probably because it's more unexpected, sweet ouji isn't common).

    1. Thank you! I am biased towards to ouji one too.. but that's to expected isn;t it ahhaha xD

  2. I love these looks! I like both the wigs and the shade of pink of the blouse. The ouji look is my favourite, the waistcoat is beautiful.

    1. thank you! I surprised myself with how much I liked the pastel look.