Friday, 1 December 2017

How To Wear Lolita and Ouji Fashion in Winter


thats it. 

Alternative title for this video and post was "Onion Life and You".
Because layers.

A feature of lolita fashion is the many layers of skirts, and bloomers underneath.
This goes a long way to keeping you warm in winter. 

For extra warmth, wear extra socks inside your boots! 

It's not just about under-layers though.
Cute gloves, ear muffs and hand mufflers are all cute accesory options for Lolita fashion in Winter.

(Thanks to Kumako and Cupcake Kamisama for the photos!)

Gel hand warmers are a good thing to have on you in winter.
They're cheap, come in many different colours and styles, and are reusable.

There's also an electronic hand warmer... I've never used one of these, but if you have, leave me a comment and let me know how well it works!

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