Friday, 7 July 2017

"Puvithel" Ouji brooch Reiew

Puvithel is an independant jewellery shop. They mostly specialise in lolita fashion items, but recently released this brooch intended for Ouji and Dandy styles.
I bought two, one in Red and Gold and the other in Irridescant and Silver.

I initially ordered the second one in Gunmetal rather than silver, but changed my mind and sent a message asking to change it.
There was no problem with that, they changed it for me without any issue.

My order was placed on the 13th of June, and it arrived to me on the 30th.
That is remarkably quick for international shipping.

The peices themselves are gorgeous and high-quality. The chains are strong and aren't going to snap if they catch on something.

Overall, I am very pleased with these and will be keeping an eye on Puvithel for future releases!

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