Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Colour-Changing Lolita Jewelry

The lastest additions to the Low Down And Dandy shop are fun colour-changin pendants!
They are bright, vivid colours when cool. And fade into pastel tones or white when warm.

This one features white roses and a red heart. The roses stand out on the red backing when the pendant is cool, and the heart becomes prominent when the pendant is warm and the background fades to milky pink!
This item is being donated to the Tea Party Club event as a raffle prize.

This one is a gothic style cameo with a simple silver cross.
The backing changes from stark black when cool, to ghostly white when warm!
One of these will also be avaliable as a prize at the Tea Party Club event, but another will also be avaliable for purchase on my Etsy store now.

Buy it HERE.

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