Friday, 7 April 2017

Too Faced Heart Highlighter and Blusher

The brand "Too Faced" is huge. They are best known for their cute, thematic makeup, like the Sweet Peach palette, the Chocolate Bar palettes, and of course all their heart-shaped blushers.
I've used the heart blusher for quite a long time, and it features in a lot of my makeup videos.

This year, they released the "Love Light" highlighter. 

A new heart-shaped product.
The hard shell is shiny and metallic this time to compliment the glittery product inside.
The product is made to look faceted, like a gem stone.

I have never actually used a highlighter before. And I mostly bought this because of how cute it was.
It really didn't show up on my face at all. In the pan, it looks great. Swatched on my finger, it looked great. After applying it, my hand was all glittery!
But it really let me down as a highlighter, becuase it didn't show up at all on my face.

This struck me as odd, because their "Love Flush" blushers are so good.

(You can see the pattern on mine is almost worn away)

I've used this blush regularly for quite a while, and it is basically perfect.
Well pigmented, easy to blend, true to colour.
The plastic shell of the blusher is solid plastic of the same colour as the product, giving it a vintage polly pocket or sailor moon feeling.

I'm not sure why the highlighter didn't live up to this legacy.

The last Too Faced heart product I own is the "Soul Mates" bronzer.

I have never used it.
It's pretty though. The case is a solid black plastic, and it's a bit larger than the blush and highlighter.
Obviously, I'm not really a bronzer kind of guy, but I feel like I will be able to use these colours for something else some day.
They are well pigmented and blend nicely like the blusher.

Overall, I can't say I'm dissapointed, because I bought these mainly for the cute packaging.
And part of me hopes that I just haven't figured highlighter out yet, and will grow to love it with time.

what do you think?
Ever buy stuff just because it looks cute?
Is there an optimal way to apply highlighter that I'm not seeing?

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