Friday, 3 March 2017

Dandy Ball-Jointed-Doll Makeup and Outfit

In a lot of the old Gothic Lolita Bibles there were pictures of lolitas carrying dolls in outfits that matched theirs, and that look always stuck with me. 
Recently, I had the opportunity to do a photoshoot featuring my own dolls and thought it was a good opportunity to try and match outfits with them!

This is one of the dolls I would be imitating.

I figured it would be easy to match him, since my taste in clothes is pretty much the same for dolls and people. Also, I have tried this before, way back in 2012:

(2012 Doll Twinning Photo... I was so young..)
The doll himself hadn't changed much, in fact I nearly left him in the exact same outfit as in 2012, and wore the exact same thing I had back then.. but then decided to change things up a little.

Jacket: Alice and the Pirates
Shorts: Bodyline
Bow: HeartE
Everything else offbrand

I think past-me would be very proud of this...
This photoshoot invovled another doll, who I also matched outfits with:

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