Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Lolita Under UV light

Today, I found myself going through my wardrobe with a UV light to find items of clothing that would glow. While I was there, some lolita pieces stood out to me.

Of course, all solid white pieces would glow, but there were some prints that reacted in interesting ways.

First is this Alice and the Pirates capelet.
Normally, it's a fairly simple ivory cape...

but under UV light, you can see the Alice And The Pirates logo very clearly in the fur.

Under UV light the gold bats glow bright orange,

And the white pendant shines too!

Only the apron reacted to the UV light.

(but you can clearly see where I spilled coffee on it... even though I washed it out, I guess there's still residue there?! Scary....)

The Embroidery glows bright orange!

This white and red Metamorphose hair clip reacted well.

The pearls shine SO brightly, and the hearts turned orange.

 Next, I turned the UV light on my Alice and the Pirates vampire prints.

Vampire Forest:

Vampire Prelude:

and Vampire Requiem:

I wonder if I could create an entire lolita outfit that glows under UV light?

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  1. I didn't knew Aatp did make clubwear. Vampire Requiem looks super shiny under UV. It is like bringing the print to life.

  2. It really surprised me the logo on the cape!