Friday, 27 January 2017

Classic Old-School Lolita Hair and makeup

The look I wore to the Transport Museum meetup.

At the meet, we were talking about how long we'd each been into lolita.. and I realised that I have actually owned this exact dress for ten years now...
It's one of my absolute favourites!

OP: metamorphose
Apron: HeartE
Headbow: Btssb
Socks: metamorphose
Shoes: Offbrand

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Lolita Under UV light

Today, I found myself going through my wardrobe with a UV light to find items of clothing that would glow. While I was there, some lolita pieces stood out to me.

Of course, all solid white pieces would glow, but there were some prints that reacted in interesting ways.

First is this Alice and the Pirates capelet.
Normally, it's a fairly simple ivory cape...

but under UV light, you can see the Alice And The Pirates logo very clearly in the fur.

Under UV light the gold bats glow bright orange,

And the white pendant shines too!

Only the apron reacted to the UV light.

(but you can clearly see where I spilled coffee on it... even though I washed it out, I guess there's still residue there?! Scary....)

The Embroidery glows bright orange!

This white and red Metamorphose hair clip reacted well.

The pearls shine SO brightly, and the hearts turned orange.

 Next, I turned the UV light on my Alice and the Pirates vampire prints.

Vampire Forest:

Vampire Prelude:

and Vampire Requiem:

I wonder if I could create an entire lolita outfit that glows under UV light?

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Friday, 20 January 2017

Transport Museum Meetup

For our first meet-up of 2017, Scot Loli went to Glasgow's transport museum.

The transport museum, or "Riverside Museum" to give it it's proper name, is full of old cars, trains and trams. Lots of interesting stuff perfect for taking pictures with!

Friday, 13 January 2017

Black and White Stripes Outfit Planning

Today, I got this new striped jacket, and it gave me a bunch of ideas for outfits. 

Hat: Miho Matsuda
Jacket: Zara
Shirt: Black PeaceNow
Trousers: Banned Apparel

This next one, I have actually worn before....

Hat: Miho Matsuda
Blouse: Metamorphose
Waistcoat and Shorts: Offbrand

Next is kind-of cold and warm weather versions of the same outfit...
Jacket: Zara
Shirt: Black Peace Now
Hat: Miho Matsuda
Everything else offbrand

Bonus! Matching Lolita and Ouji twin outfits:

(The Metamorphose "Wonder Sillouette" OP in the picture is for sale!
I carefully took it out of storage to lay it on the bed for this picture...)

Which outfit do you like best?

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Ouji Outfit Planning

There is a meetup coming up this weekend. So it's time to plan some outfits.

The Triple Fortune blouse is a new addition to me wardrobe, so it is the basis for the outfits.

Blouse: Triple Fortune
Everything else offbrand.

Blouse: Triple Fortune
Cape: Fan Plus Friend
Bow: Angelic Pretty
Everything else offbrand,

Blouse: Triple Fortune
Shorts: Putumayo
Socks: Metamorphose
Bow: Angelic Pretty

What do you think? Which option is your favourite?

Monday, 9 January 2017

2017 Guro and Gothic Wardrobe Post


January Wardrobe Post season has come around again!
This year, I really felt like going all-out and photographing 99% of my wardrobe. Last year I focused mainly on the Guro Lolita items, since that is my favourite lolita style
But to be honest, I wear gothic dandy styles a lot more, that's more of my go-to/everyday style.
So I spent some extra time taking pictures of my gothic and dandy clothing too this year.

Lets start with Accessories!

BlahBlah Hospital Nurse Hat
Royal Princess Alice Nurse Hat
Two Medusa Couture Bat Bonnets
Offbrand bloody roses crown.

(I cheated slightly, and used this same picture I took last year...)

Vintage Medical Corset
Re-Style Ribcage Belt
6% DokiDoki Red Belt

Royal princess Alice "Dark Night Hospital" Tights
Listen Flavour Pill Knee-Highs
Sourpuss Blood-Drip Socks
Dangerous Nude Stitches and Bandages Tights
LowDownAndDandy Blood Dipped Knee-Highs

(any not listed are offbrand)

Offbrand Pinstripe Bow
InnocentWorld Neck Corset
Marble White Velvet Collar
Alonquins Black Lace Neck Bow
Offbrand White Ruff
Black peace Now Black Lace Cravat

Next, Bags and Shoes.

Rose Cross Satchel.
Patchy bat-wing bag
Swimmer Nurse Bag

Pluie Coffin Suitcase (click for review and where to buy!)
AAATP White Coffin back
HNaoto Nightmare Before Christmas Bag.

Metamorphose White Platform Shoes
Metamorphose Black heels
Metamorphose White Flats
UNIF Cross-cut-out heels

YosukeUSA Buckle Boots
Offbrand Ankle Boots with tie-on rabbit ears.
Queen Bee black velvet ankle boots

Vintage Cross-Toe Boots
Offbrand white platforms with lace-on angel wings
Offbrand Kneehigh White Platforms

Skirts and Dresses

Angelic Pretty Wonder Queen OP and Bonnet

Alice and the Pirates Vampire Print Collection.
Vampire Prelude in White
Vampire Requiem in Black
Vampire Forest in Red
Vampire Nocturne in Green
Vanpire Requiem JSK in Red

Violet Fane "Asylum" Skirt and Triple Fortune Blood-Platter Skirt.

Souffle Song Cathedral print OP
Cardcaptor Sakura Embroidery OP (a gift. I do not know the brand, sorry!)

Berunika Burgandy Stripes OP
Metamorphose Red Velvet OP shown with Heart E Apron

HNaoto Nightmare Before Christmas OP (shown with matching bag)
Metamorphose Nun OPs - Grey shown with Meta Nun Collar.
Black shown with Victorian Maiden Collar.

Bunny and Black Nurse JSK
Angelic Pretty Candy Treat JSK
Dangerous Nude Medusa Skirt and Scarf
Royal Princess Alice Ghost Marie JSK

Laughing Vampire bat-collar Jacket
Elegy Bat-Collar Velvet OP

CuteLouCouture Chiffon Bat Shirt
Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern Special Set

Shirts, Waistcoats, Coats and Trousers 

Black Peace Now embroidered collar shirt
Offbrand cross embroidered shirt

Two vintage white shirts
Triple Fortune diamond print chiffon shirt.

Alice and the Pirates long black waistcoat
Alice and the Pirates green striped waistcoat
Alice and the pirates red waistcoat
Offbrand Side-button high collar waistcoat

Alice and the Pirates White high-neck coat
Metamorphose side-button high necked shirt.

Putumayo burgandy velvet shorts
Bodyline black knee-length shorts
Offbrand striped knee-shorts

Offbrand green brocade, white brocade and black velvet trousers.

Vintage brocade waistcoat and jacket sets, in pink and green.

Atelier BOZ Ivory Roland Jacket
Metamorphose Ivory tail coat

FanPlusFriend Bat-wing tailed coat
Alice and the Pirates black brocade and silver coat

Vintage white brocade jacket
Alice and the Pirates White and Ivory striped tail coat

Alice and the Pirates Ivory and Black Fur Capelets
Offbrand Red Fur Capelet
FanPlusFriend Ivory velvet capelet.

And we're done!

My wardrobe hasn't changed that much since last time, or the time before that.
There are always a few changes, but my favourite items remain the same.

If you made it all the way to the end, thank you!

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