Sunday, 27 November 2016

Pokemon Centre and Vampire Cafe

This week's Tokyo Vlogs feature Ikebukuro, The Pokemon Mega Centre and Vampire Cafe.
Shinjuku, and Yushima Tenman-gu Shrine 

In the Ikebukuro Vlog, I mention Closet Child For Dolls - also known as Dolly Teria. It's just down the street from Closet Child For People.

There, I bought my doll a new outfit:

I'm still not particularly good at photographing dolls, but I love her new look!

Later that day, and later that vlog, we head over to Ginza to the Vampire Cafe.
We got the special Halloween Set Menu - which was huge - and several cocktails.

I first visited the Vampire Cafe two years ago, and it's one of my favourite spots in Tokyo.

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