Friday, 23 September 2016

Real Talk, How to be Goth on a Budget.

The question that almost every goth out there gets asked second-most to "how are you brave enough to wear this" is "how do you afford it". 
And the advice that is given is usually along the lines of "Learn to DIY". Quite often withe heavy overtones of "if you don't diy you're not a real goth". But honestly? That's so unfair. It's unfair to people who work and/or study full time. It's unfair to people who can't afford to learn a new skill, and it's really quite ableist as not everyone can make things themselves. 

So what do you do? Goth clothing from goth brands marketed at goths is expensive. They can cost from £20-£50 for a white ruffled shirt or a pair of black jeans. 

In this video I'm straight forward with you and tell you exactly how to afford a gothic fashion wardrobe if you don't have much money - and be warned, the answer is to shop mainstream.

Shop Mainstream

For makeup and clothing. Every autumn and winter "berry colours" and "jewel tones" come into fashion. This means there are dark coloured clothing and makeup everywhere.

Pay attention to trends. Because fashion is currently doing another 90s Revival, crushed velvet and ribbon chokers are avaliable again, cheaply and easilly. 

Eyeliner and Lipliner are Interchangeable

Can't afford a niche brand's blue lipstick? Fill in your lips with a blue eyeliner pencil.

Charity Shops and Ebay

Patience and repition and key here. Know what you're after and be willing to spend a long time looking for it. If you are able to visit the same charity shop repeatedly you're much more likely to find something good there than if you just go once.

When it comes to Ebay, do not be too precious about your search terms! 
Don't limit youself to things labelled "goth". Search for "victorian", even though we all know the clothes aren't really victorian and so on.


If you CAN make stuff yourself, then absolutely do so. But if you can't, then don't worry about it. There's a reason that hand-made items are so expensive.
Learning a new skill involves so much time, and costs so much in practice matierials.
Learning to sew or make jewelery or paint is a great thing to do IF you have the ability, time and money.

The KEY POINTS here, are that you have to be patient. Willing to wait for mainstream fashions to turn into something useable. To re-visit the same charity shops or to spend endless time scrolling ebay. 

Do you have any tips of your own to add? Leave them in a comment!

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