Monday, 4 July 2016

Manga Monday: Neopiko Marker Review

I was asked to do a review of Neopiko markers, as they are the type I use in most of my art.
Hopefully, this covers the basics and answers your questions!

Neopiko makers are made by the Deleter brand.
They come in four different types, 

The Neopiko Color:

These have one brush tip and one one fine bullet tip. The cap is the colour of the alcohol based ink.

The Neopiko 2:

These have one chisel tip and one brush tip. The caps are grey with a small colour indicator on the very end. This type is refillable and the nibs are replaceable. They are also alcohol based. 

The Neopiko 3:

These are water-based fabric markers. They have a brush tib, and a bullet tip end.

The Neopiko 4:

(No Picture)

These are also water based, and have a real fiber brush tip (instead of the sponge brush), and a bullet tip.

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