Sunday, 10 April 2016

One Dress Three Outfits: Green Skirt

Planning and laying out outfits is fun. Today, I'm doing my self-imposed "One Dress, Three Outfits" challenge again. Although, just like last time, I'm working with a skirt and not a dress... oh well!

My main peice for each outfit is this green striped Metamorphose Skirt.

First is a Casual Lolita Outfit:

Cutsew: Heart E
Skirt: Metamorphose
Cardigan and boots are offbrand.
Second is a more formal Lolita outfit.

Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: FanPlusFriend
Skirt: Metamorphose
Boots: Queen Bee

Third is a School Themed outfit.

Blouse: BPN
Waistcoat: AATP
Skirt: Metamorphose
Loafers and Stockings Offbrand

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