Friday, 12 February 2016

Style Swap! Mori Girl and Gothic Lolita

Since we wear such different styles, Plasticskittles and I though it'd be fun to do a style swap!

Here are our Before and Afters!

Mori Girl turned Gothic Lolita.

Dandy, turned Mori Girl

Gothic Lolita turned Mori Girl

Overall, I felt that Mori was cute, and surprisingly comfortable. I'm just sure it was very "me".

 What do you think? Do we suit the new look, or better stick to what we know?


  1. You all look great! I think I prefer your original styles but trying new styles is great! I have always wanted to try a super sweet outfit just for like 30 seconds just to see what it looks like haha (I'm a Gothic Lolita)!

  2. I think it worked out pretty well! My personal favourite is the last of the swaps, but you all look gorgeous<3


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