Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Wardrobe Post 2016

In past years, I separated my wardrobe out into Lolita and Dandy clothing. This time I'm just throwing everything in at once. Mostly because many of the accessories and coats I wear with both Dandy and Lolita, so separating them out would have been a task.

I photographed almost all my main pieces, but when it came to accessories I just chose a few key representatives.

Goth Accessories.

Medusa Couture Bonnets.
Luntic Lemony Lolipop Headbands.

Red and white Accessories

My most used Handbags.

Banned Clothing bat-embroidered cardigan.
Putumayo cross pattern knitted bolero.

Vintage surgical corset.
Restyle Skeleton Belt
Offbrand red leather belt.

White Metamorphose Blouse.
White "Lab coat" style Metamorphose Blouse.
Vintage white blouse.

 F+F bat tailed coat.
offbrand black tailcoat and point collared shirt.

AATP Black Tailed Waistcoat
AATP White and Cream striped wailcoat.

Lady Sloth, Waterhouse Painting Waistcoat
AATP Black and Green stripe waistcoat

Cream BOZ Roland Jacket
F+F gold brocade waistcoat
Metamorphose cream coat

Bunny And Black Nurse JSK.
I got this on pre-order, and despite getting it so long ago, have never worn it.
I accidentally ordered it too big, and still haven't got around to having it altered.

Angelic Pretty Candy Treat JSK.

This is almost too sweet for me, I've only worn it once or twice over the last several years.
I initially liked it as it was the closest thing to an actual Guro dress avaliable, due to the red/white colour scheme. But in recent years I've pretty much replaced it with less sweet items.

Royal Princess Alice Ghost JSK
Souffle Song Cathedral Print OP 

AATP White Coat

BTSSB Marie Antoinette JSK
Metamorphose Wonder Silhouette OP

Dangerous Nude; Medusa's Severed Head Skirt.
Haenuli Stained Glass print JSK

Metamorphose Winged Cross print OP
Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern special set JSK

Putumayo Red OP
AATP Funeral Procession OP
Metamorphose Dim Light JSK

Blood Splatter Stockings.
Nude Sox stiched up tights (and bandage stockings in packet)
Sourpuss blood drip socks.
Offbrand bandage leggings.

Triple Fortune Blood Drip Skirt.

(had to photograph this one draped over the sofa, as the ruffle around the bottom makes it impossible to lie flat)

AATP: Vampire Forest, Vampire Requiem and Vampire Nocturne JSKs

AATP: Vampire Requiem and Vampire Prelude

Metamorphose White and Black Cross Skirt.
Violet Fane "Asylum" Skirt.

H.Naoto White OP
Phantom and the Maiden white and gold bat embroidered JSK

Angelic Pretty Wonder Queen set with Bonnet

I have my shoe collection in video form:

Previous years:


  1. I absolutely adore your wardrobe! It's so cohesive and it's so nice to see an actual Guro Lolita wardrobe! *0*

  2. Amazing! It's awesome seeing guro lolita isn't dead. I totally love the black x red too!

    1. Thanks! I like t think Guro just hasn't quite become big yet ;D

  3. Your wardrobe is absolutely amazing. You have a really unique and lovely style!

    Also, that surgical corset is really cool! Where did you find it?

    1. Thank you! The surgical corset is just an ebay find.