Friday, 8 January 2016

LBC: One Main Piece, Four Seasons.

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival theme is "One Main Piece, Four Seasons".
Basically, using one main outfit piece, create a co-ord that is appropriate for each of the four seasons.

I chose Angelic Pretty's Holy Lantern special set JSk for my main item.


No blouse, in fact, no sleeves at all. I would probably have put in a short sleeved blouse with this one but I actually dont own any short sleeved blouses.
Ankle socks, because those are always handy in summer. Still lacy, still cute.
The matching hair clip that came with the jsk, I imagine in a simple natural hairstle, as a wig might be too warm.


Much the same as summer, but with full length lace tights instead of ankle socks and I added a long sleeved white blouse. It's still airy and light, but with a little extra protection.


A vintage, velvet cardigan over the blouse and dress for a little extra warmth.
Thick knee-high socks, and ankle boots to keep your feet warm too.


I changed the white blouse for a black cutsew. The thicker material is a little cozier.
I added a knit bolero, instead of the velvet cardigan as it is a little thicker and cozier.
The boots are knee-high, and have a fluffy lining, they're warm even in the snow!
And a matching hat, that can still be worn with the clip on the side, for a last touch of warmth.

Personally, my favorite is the autumn one!

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