Sunday, 24 January 2016

Shiro Guro Makeup and Outfit

Here is the full outfit and makeup look I wore to the mini-meet last week.

Outfit Rundown:
JSK, headbow and Blouse: Metamorphose
Corset: vintage medical supply
boots and bandage leggings: Ebay

And of course, a video!

Friday, 22 January 2016

January Meetup Video and Photos

Last weekend, Scotloli got together for a mini-meet. It was cold and snowing, but worth braving the weather for the company!

Everyone looked fantastic!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Wardrobe Post 2016

In past years, I separated my wardrobe out into Lolita and Dandy clothing. This time I'm just throwing everything in at once. Mostly because many of the accessories and coats I wear with both Dandy and Lolita, so separating them out would have been a task.

I photographed almost all my main pieces, but when it came to accessories I just chose a few key representatives.

Goth Accessories.

Medusa Couture Bonnets.
Luntic Lemony Lolipop Headbands.

Red and white Accessories

My most used Handbags.

Banned Clothing bat-embroidered cardigan.
Putumayo cross pattern knitted bolero.

Vintage surgical corset.
Restyle Skeleton Belt
Offbrand red leather belt.

White Metamorphose Blouse.
White "Lab coat" style Metamorphose Blouse.
Vintage white blouse.

 F+F bat tailed coat.
offbrand black tailcoat and point collared shirt.

AATP Black Tailed Waistcoat
AATP White and Cream striped wailcoat.

Lady Sloth, Waterhouse Painting Waistcoat
AATP Black and Green stripe waistcoat

Cream BOZ Roland Jacket
F+F gold brocade waistcoat
Metamorphose cream coat

Bunny And Black Nurse JSK.
I got this on pre-order, and despite getting it so long ago, have never worn it.
I accidentally ordered it too big, and still haven't got around to having it altered.

Angelic Pretty Candy Treat JSK.

This is almost too sweet for me, I've only worn it once or twice over the last several years.
I initially liked it as it was the closest thing to an actual Guro dress avaliable, due to the red/white colour scheme. But in recent years I've pretty much replaced it with less sweet items.

Royal Princess Alice Ghost JSK
Souffle Song Cathedral Print OP 

AATP White Coat

BTSSB Marie Antoinette JSK
Metamorphose Wonder Silhouette OP

Dangerous Nude; Medusa's Severed Head Skirt.
Haenuli Stained Glass print JSK

Metamorphose Winged Cross print OP
Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern special set JSK

Putumayo Red OP
AATP Funeral Procession OP
Metamorphose Dim Light JSK

Blood Splatter Stockings.
Nude Sox stiched up tights (and bandage stockings in packet)
Sourpuss blood drip socks.
Offbrand bandage leggings.

Triple Fortune Blood Drip Skirt.

(had to photograph this one draped over the sofa, as the ruffle around the bottom makes it impossible to lie flat)

AATP: Vampire Forest, Vampire Requiem and Vampire Nocturne JSKs

AATP: Vampire Requiem and Vampire Prelude

Metamorphose White and Black Cross Skirt.
Violet Fane "Asylum" Skirt.

H.Naoto White OP
Phantom and the Maiden white and gold bat embroidered JSK

Angelic Pretty Wonder Queen set with Bonnet

I have my shoe collection in video form:

Previous years:

Monday, 18 January 2016

Pearlescent Ink Review

This week's art video is a review of Daler Rowney's Pearlescent Inks. I'd had these wishlisted for a long time, and got them as a gift over Xmas.

I tested each colour on both black and white card, with both a brush and a pen.

Friday, 15 January 2016

LBC: 5 trends for 2016

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival topic is "Predict 5 trends in lolita for 2016"

For 2016,

1. OTT will get even more OTT

OTT was always a sweet lolita thing, until recently when OTT Goth and OTT Classic started becoming popular for major events and conventions. I think this is only going to get bigger! And even more niche styles will pick up on it., and even whole OTT outfits on one single motif nevermind one specific style. Wings, Staffs, Huge hats, decorated glasses with themed chains, many many layered skirts that can be seen from out the bottom of the each other. Skirts worn over dresses, worn over underskirts and so on.

2. Simple OldSchool will also come back.

As an equal and opposite to the utter madness of extreme OTT, I think very simple, solid colored, barely accessorized old school outfits will also be a trend.
All pink and white outfits, with no print and black platforms, with a white rectangle headdress.

These two styles might be seen as "rivalling" each other, the way Goth Vs Sweet is sometimes joked about as a rivalry.

3. Mainstream Shoes

The days of specially made tea parties with bows front and back are fading out. These will still be popular, but probably seen as an old-school thing.
Mainstream fashion heels, flats, loafers and brouges will replace the specifically Lolita Shoe.

4. Guro

This is one may seem like purely wishful thinking on my part, but, with the recent Gurokawa and menhera fashions, and even Triple Fortune bringing out an explicitly Guro Lolita print last year.
I really think Guro might be in for a little bit of a boost!

5. Non-Lolita Brands worn with Lolita outfits.

More non-lolita Japanese fashion brands will become popular among lolitas, and items from these brands will appear more and more in lolita fashion outfits.

What do you think? Whats the big trend for 2016?!

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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Clothing Detail Pictures (Wardrobe Post Teaser!)

 For the western Lolita community, January is Wardrobe Post time!
It's been a tradition, started on EGL on Livejournal a long time ago, to post pictures of your entire lolita clothing collection in january. Then, by the next year, hopefully you can look back and see how much has changed.

I've been taking photos in small bursts this month, and almost have everything ready. The full wardrobe post should go up next week.
Until then, here are some detail shots of some of my clothing items.

(A Vintage blouse)

(Angelic Pretty's "Candy Treat")

(Bunny and Black's "Nurse"/Guro Print)

(Offbrand Eyeball in a Rose hair clip)

(Dangerous Nude, Medusa's Head skirt)

(Metamorphose Winged Cross and Angelic Pretty's "Holy Lantern")

(Metamorphose's "Wonder Silhouette")

(Angelic Pretty's "Wonder Queen")

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Mizon Twilight Cream and Mist Review

MIZON's Twilight Return Cream and Twilight Essence Mist are korean beauty products themed around vampires. That means, anti-ageing, skin brightening, and moisturizing.
Being a sucker (pun intended) for vampire themed stuff, I had to try them out!

I ordered these vis the spooky box club website. Although I don't subscribe to the box, there are some cool individual items on their online store.

Spooky Box are based in the UK, so everything arrived within a week of ordering.

My two items arrived in a small box, safely packages with black shredded paper, and came with a lollipop and a free sample of a face mask!

Since running out of my previous vampire face cream (the Ladykin Vanpir stuff, which I reviewed HERE) I've been looking for a replacement. Although I would have just bought more of the same one I had before if these hadn't popped up, and my natural curiosity for new things taken over.

official description of the Essense Mist:
Twilight Mist Essence has a rich aqua gel formula to help combat dry skin, it hydrates and moisturizes the face and is perfect for the summer months.
Mist all over the face and gently pat with your fingers to allow it to absorb fully.
With a combination of peptides and dragons blood plant extract, this gel mist is thicker than the average liquid based mists on the market and has a serum-like quality.
The cute packaging is adorable with bats and little golden sparkles all over the box and spray bottle.

Official description of the Return Cream:
Mizon’s Twilight Return Cream is a dual functioning skin care cream that targets wrinkles and evens out skin pigmentation.
Features peptides with a molecular structure similar to venom that tightens and whitens the skin.

Interestingly, they contain the same dragons-blood extract that the LadyKin one has.

Overall, I really like these products. They smell slightly apple-y, and feel really good on your skin. They soak in quickly, and I really do feel like my skin has been behaving better since using them.

My whole face feels softer instantly after using the essence spray. And the effect stays.
It is a clear gel, and is a little sticky before soaking in. This only lasts a few seconds though.

The return cream has more long-term effect, but still works well. It is a white cream, with no stickiness. It only stays wet for a few seconds before soaking in completely.

In the weeks since using these my whole face has been smoother and softer. I may even re-purchase them once they're empty!

Friday, 8 January 2016

LBC: One Main Piece, Four Seasons.

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival theme is "One Main Piece, Four Seasons".
Basically, using one main outfit piece, create a co-ord that is appropriate for each of the four seasons.

I chose Angelic Pretty's Holy Lantern special set JSk for my main item.


No blouse, in fact, no sleeves at all. I would probably have put in a short sleeved blouse with this one but I actually dont own any short sleeved blouses.
Ankle socks, because those are always handy in summer. Still lacy, still cute.
The matching hair clip that came with the jsk, I imagine in a simple natural hairstle, as a wig might be too warm.


Much the same as summer, but with full length lace tights instead of ankle socks and I added a long sleeved white blouse. It's still airy and light, but with a little extra protection.


A vintage, velvet cardigan over the blouse and dress for a little extra warmth.
Thick knee-high socks, and ankle boots to keep your feet warm too.


I changed the white blouse for a black cutsew. The thicker material is a little cozier.
I added a knit bolero, instead of the velvet cardigan as it is a little thicker and cozier.
The boots are knee-high, and have a fluffy lining, they're warm even in the snow!
And a matching hat, that can still be worn with the clip on the side, for a last touch of warmth.

Personally, my favorite is the autumn one!

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