Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Goth Kitchen Items (Xmas Shopping Ideas)

Christmas Shopping for a goth friend? Or just want to start cooking in style?
Hopefully, I can help find something you need.

Knife fridge magnet from Alcove sculpture
(13.76 on Etsy)

Cross apron from Apron Addict
(16.66 on Etsy)

Human anatomy coasters from Artltered
(12.76 on Etsy)

Bat handle mug from Barceramics
(20.29 on Etsy)

Glittery skull apron from ClassyCookAprons

Gingerdeadman cookie cutter by Fred
(18.05 on Amazon)

Oven Mitt and Pot Holder from WokingClassPunx
(6.05 on Etsy)
(other goth patterns available on the store)

"Splash" Chopping board, Lid holder and Ladel from Mustard.
(Available individually or as a set)

Skull shaped sugar spoon from SuckUK
(4.48 on Amazon)

                                 Voodoo Raffaele Iannello Knife Block Set

Happy Shopping! I hope you found something good.

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