Sunday, 6 December 2015

Goth Christmas Decorations

December has come around again, it's christmas season. I was requested to make a list of some Goth christmas decorations available around the internet!

This will be the first part of a series of posts. There'll be many lists of gothic xmas shopping ideas in the coming weeks!
(One list a day, tuesday, wednesday and thursday)

First, when it comes to a goth christmas.. you need a black tree.
(or a white tree, if your decorations are all black)
(12.72 on Amazon)
Next, you need some black decorations! Luckily, the all-black-tree thing was very fashionable a while ago, so these still exist.
(1.49 on Amazon)

No goth christmas would be complete without Disney's Nightmare Before Christmas.
(24.60 on Amazon)

Official Jack Skellington Statue from the Disney Store
(59.95 from Disney)

Crochet black snow flakes from MadeByElina
(10.87 on Etsy)

"Im dreaming of a Red christmas" baubles by LiveDarkly
(5.44 on Etsy)

Pumpkin, Skull and Spider Tinsel for that goth tree!
(2.99 on Amazon)

Handmade spooky christmas baubles by WebSpinstress
(31.26 on Etsy)

Skull print christmas stocking by WickedCrusade
(8.84 on Etsy)

Krampus greeting cards from TheHandworkDept
(7.64 on Etsy)

Have a very gothic christmas!

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